Anapra children get warm gifts for Christmas

Warm for winter

CD. JUAREZ, Mexico - As names were called out children ran up, smiling from ear to ear and getting their Christmas gift. Lazos de Bondad, a borderland organization got hundreds of donations together, giving toys, clothes, and coats to children in need near Anapra

“It ain’t cold right now, but imagine what it’s like at 2 or 3 in the morning when the wind is blowing right through their house, because it’s not insulated. There’s nothing but cracks, when it rains or snows it goes right into their houses,” said James Lucero, with Lazos de Bondad.

It took a lot of work from donors, but the Fox Auto Group said it’s well worth it.

“We bought 300 new coats, but the employees brought so many new coats and bags and bags of clothes...we have 200 pairs of new shoes and 100 or 200 pairs of used shoes, so that will go a long way,” Steve Fox said.

Even as the children enjoy their new clothes and toys, the work is far from over in their eyes.

“What we’re really looking forward to later on is we would really like to have a diner out here to feed the kids and also share the word of god with them,”

But volunteers said they’re enjoying the work they can do with what they have.

“They may not have a present this Christmas Time, so we want to give them something that they can have and enjoy like all the kids around the world,” said Javier Heredia from Lazos de Bondad.

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