Blockbuster stores will still have a home in El Paso.

Austin-based Border Entertainment, LLC, owner of the El Paso stores, made the announcement after Blockbuster announced that corporately-owned stores would be closing its retail stores by January.

Alan Payne, Owner of Border Entertainment, said, "We have no plans to close our Blockbuster stores and we expect to continue to operate successfully in El Paso and in our other markets."

Border Entertainment owns 26 of the 50 franchise stores open in the U.S. Seven of those 26 stores are in El Paso. The 26 stores employ over 300 people.

"We have succeeded when others have failed by operating conveniently-located stores that are fun to visit," added Payne. "In short, we have acknowledged the changes in the business model as well as changes in customer expectations. We have addressed those changes and successfully transitioned our stores to a profitable operation that still gives customers what they want. Now more than ever, our combination of large movie inventories and the lowest prices on rental and retail movies cannot be matched by anyone."

In the early 2000's, Border Entertainment made a smooth transition of its Blockbuster business from VHS to DVD, while maintaining its extremely large inventory of titles. Payne said, "Today, Blockbuster El Paso offers the lowest prices of any other rental competitor on over 90 percent of its inventory. Most of our movies are priced at $.49 a day or $.99 for five days and new releases are in stock on release date. That's a big advantage for us." Blockbuster rents new releases at a much lower price than all streaming sites. In addition, Blockbuster sells used movies, new Blu-ray movies, and Ultra Violet movies at prices less than half the regular retail price. "This is the model that has allowed us to remain open and serve our customers in El Paso," said Payne.