Black Friday not a success for all shoppers

EL PASO, Texas - The pushing, the shoving and all the madness that comes with Black Friday was nowhere to be found early Friday morning at Best Buy located at the Fountains at Farah.

Shoppers were rushing to get to the store, not for the specials, instead to get out of the frigid Friday temperatures outside.

Inside Best Buy, employees were not bombarded by crowds of holiday shoppers.

It appears the landscape of Black Friday has changed, largely in part because Best Buy opened Thanksgiving evening for shoppers who had been waiting in line for hours on Thursday.

"Yesterday (Thanksgiving) was a family day, but today's Black Friday and there's nothing we could really find. Everything's gone," said Raul Sena.

Sena was looking for a good deal on a laptop but walked out empty-handed.

While Some shoppers did walk out with 60 inch television, movies and tablets, others said the shelves were wiped out.

Best Buy opened its doors Thanksgiving at 6pm.

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