Black cat adoptions banned on Halloween? Don't believe the hype

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - How popular is the adoption of a black cat on halloween?

Some say the animal is at risk more so on this day because of storied reports that the animal is used in ritualistic killings.   

According to a Las Cruces animal shelter director, it is a myth that the animal is endangered on Halloween.  

The director of the Mesilla Valley Animal Services Center tells ABC-7 there is plenty of research to disprove the belief.  

Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock says she does not believe people will adopt a black cat and use it in a ritual killing and plan it all out on Halloween day. She says all her animals are microchipped and the owners can be traced.

She says they have strict policies in place on who they adopt animals to.

"There has been no documented proof," Vesco-Mock said. "The ASPCA does not back it.  They've done research. The Humane Society of the United States has done research and many shelters across the county promote black cats on this day promoting the beauty of the cat, promoting the personality  and trying to kick that myth in the face."

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