Birds of prey in downtown?

Birds of Prey in downtown?

EL PASO, Texas - Is it the screeching of birds of prey or could it be something else?

The wild bird sounds can be heard echoing through parts of downtown, and many are baffled.

ABC-7 was at the intersection of Campbell and Florence streets where the reports have been running rampant.

Some people claim seeing a Monstrous bird, up to 10 feet in width.

Others say it's not of this world.

"I was really scared because I didn't know what it was. I was like, 'a UFO?'" said one downtown jogger.

"I saw it," said Brian Limon.

"I was running down here," a jogger told ABC-7.

"10 feet long," said Limon.

"And it flew over here. It was crazy," Limon continued.

"Fire out of its eyes," the jogger told ABC-7 with fear.

"All of a sudden I heard this bird, like, caww!" said a 12th-grader from a nearby school.

"Call the goverment or something," said the jogger.

But even government officials were baffled.

Claims of birds of prey reported near a bus stop.

People confused.

An ABC-7 photographer on the scene to captured the sounds.

ABC-7 investigated and we found the culprit.

Sun Metro.

"As you can hear in the backround, Sun Metro installed a device," said Sun Metro spokesperson Laura Cruz Acosta.

She tells ABC-7 the transit system was having a bus-stop pigeon problem.

"We would have the ground and the benches and the area around where passengers wait covered in pigeon feces," said Cruz.

So they set up a sound system that would prevent the build-up of pigeon poop.

"What you hear are different monkey sounds, different birds of prey sounds that the pigeons are actually afraid of," said Cruz.

Cruz tells ABC-7 the audio playback is drastically improving the condition of the benches and the surrounding areas.

She also says Sun Metro is going to be installing new audio systems similar to the one in downtown at the airport and at Northeast bus stops.

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