EL PASO, Texas -

A prominent businessman currently serving a two-year sentence for running over a man with his car in 2010 has reached a million dollar settlement with the family of the victim.

An email received by ABC-7 states 60-year-old Billy Abraham has settled a lawsuit with the children of Jay Grady, the homeless man killed when Abraham ran him over on Paisano Drive in July of 2010.

Abraham was driving drunk and took off from the scene. Grady was also found to be intoxicated at the time of his death. This resulted in a jury convicting Abraham of "failure to render aid" instead of intoxicated manslaughter.

On Monday, Abraham released the following statement: "Although money can never replace their father, this settlement has changed the children's lives and their future trajectory by providing them new homes and a trust fund to ensure their higher education."

ABC-7 received an email from Grady's daughter, Sonia Grady, 18. She said her father was not homeless and "he had a home." She added after hearing Abraham's statement: "We will never forgive him and we are sure we never said we needed money for our future. Even when my dad passed away, we've always been able to do it on our own."

Chris Antcliff, the attorney for the Grady family pertaining to the settlement, told ABC-7: "They lost their dad and I'll tell you flat out they loved him and I can understand being angry at the loss of your dad in an accident like that. The girls have always had my sympathy and that's why I gave my best to help solve this case for them without necessity of a trial."

ABC-7 obtained dash cam video of Abraham's DWI test the night Grady was killed, which was used to convict him in March of 2015. Moments after failing a sobriety eye test, heel-to-toe walking test, which ended with a stumble, and failing a test while standing on one leg, ending with him losing his balance, Abraham was arrested.

After telling the officer he was not intoxicated, Abraham was told he was going to be given a mandatory blood alcohol test. He was later found to have a blood alcohol level of .20, two and a half time the legal limit.

"Where are you taking me?" Abraham can be head on the dash cam video asking the officer.

The officer replies: "Right now we're taking you to UMC sir, for that mandatory blood draw I was explaining to you."

Abraham then replies: "I'm not going to let you take my blood."

The officer replies: "I know you already refused sir, but like I said, we're taking it under the law mandatory now."

Abraham, whose two-year sentence has six months remaining, added in his statement on the settlement: "I am eager for this chapter in my life to be closed and this settlement along with the culmination of my incarceration brings me one step closer to that being a reality."