Bills pile up for business owner whose building was destroyed in fire

Hector Barragan responsible for demolition costs

EL PASO, Texas - The clean up continues for the central El Paso building that was destroyed in a massive fire last week.

Meanwhile, building owner Hector Barragan said the bills are piling up.

Barragan currently pays  a security company to guard the property 24 hours a day.

His building housed apartments, a bar and the Pipo Academy of Hair Design. They were destroyed after fire crews battled intense flames for nearly three hours.

Barragan said the students of his hair academy are his priority.

"I'm worried about them. I want them to continue their education," said Barragan.

He said his school was up for re-accreditation next year.

The plans to rebuild another academy are in the future but he is not certain how soon that can happen.

Barragan will be responsible for costs to demolish the building that has been standing since the early 1900's. He has owned the building for about 40 years.

City permits, fire reports and police reports are needed before the building can be torn down.

"I have a $1.5 million in there (building). I don't know what the insurance is going to cover. I don't know anything about it right now. My head is spinning in all directions," said Barragan.

The damage was estimated at $200,000. A date to demolish the building has not been determined.



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