Ballpark hearing set for second day in Austin courtroom

Judge expected to rule today

Ballpark Lawsuit

Austin, TEXAS -
Day two of the declaratory judgment hearing is set to begin in an Austin courtroom.

District Judge Tim Sulak will begin the second part of the hearing around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

More than a dozen lawyers, attorneys and people opposed to the destruction of City Hall expected to have a decision Tuesday, however due to the length of testimony several items were not addressed during Tuesday's six hour hearing.

The hearing couldn't be scheduled for early Wednesday because of prior commitments on the Judge's schedule in the 353rd District Court.

On Wednesday, the city is expected to continue presenting their case about the issuance of bonds.

Part of the reason the city asked for the declaratory judgment was to verify the status of the steps they took to ensure they could knock down City Hall and build a ballpark. The other reason was to allow them to sell bonds to fund the project and move forward without threat of future lawsuits.

An assistant Attorney General has been in the courtroom throughout the hearing for that reason. He tells ABC-7 that is a formality, and that they must ensure that the rules have been followed that allow the proposed venue project to move forward.

For live updates on what occurs inside the city of El Paso declaratory judgment hearing follow @MattSmithABC7 on Twitter. ABC-7 is the only television station bringing you up to date coverage from Austin. 

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