Baby Brianna, killed at 5 months old, would have turned 11 this week

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - Baby Brianna Lopez, the 5-month-old baby who died after severe abuse, would have turned 11 years old on Feb. 14.

At her gravesite near the village of Dona Ana, people gathered to honor her.  Those visiting included the former District Attorney Amy Orlando,  the grave's caretaker, Patricia McDaniel, and a man who just arrived at the site after driving 19 hours from San Francisco.  

The man, a linguist who works for the military, said he was going to spend just one hour at the grave before driving back to San Francisco where he will be immediately deployed to Afghanistan.   

Brianna died of intentional child abuse at the hands of her father, mother and uncle. They are currently in prison serving long sentences for the death.

Flowers, stuffed animals, and cards adorn the protected gravesite where Brianna is buried.

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