Autopsy shows 2-year-old girl died of environmental heat exposure

EL PASO, Texas - July 22, 2014 Update: Two-year-old Hailey Marie Harper died of environmental heat exposure that was an accident, according to her autopsy report.

The autopsy report states that, "According to reports, the decedent was left unattended for several hours before being found unresponsive."

The autopsy did not reveal injuries or significant natural disease. There also was no sign of alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs.

A source familiar with the investigation told ABC-7 that the child was found in a small car.

El Paso Fire Department emergency crews responded to an East El Paso neighborhood on the 13000 block of Enrique Gomez, near Hugo Reyes just before 1 p.m. on July 6, for an unknown problem.

Officers arrived and found Fire Medical Services rendering aid to a 2-year-old female inside the residence. The 2-year old female was transported to Sierra Providence East where she was pronounced dead. Crimes Against Persons (CAP) was called to assist with the investigation. This investigation continues.

ABC-7 crews saw what's believed to be family members drive up earlier. A man spoke to police and a woman was speaking with someone on her cell phone while crying.

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