Austin Trout takes on school principal to 'knock cancer out'

Austin Trout takes on school principal to 'knock out cancer'

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - World champion boxer Austin "No Doubt" Trout got in the ring on Friday with one of his toughest challengers: an elementary school principal.

Trout said the match was one of the most important fights of his career.

"I pledged to the students if we could raise $2,000 I would get in the ring with Austin and knock cancer out," said Central Elementary School Principal Eloisa Solis.

The school raised more than $3,000, its largest amount ever for the Pennies for Patients campaign.

All the money will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to fund cancer research.

Students cheered as Solis and Trout duked it out. After three rounds, Solis knocked out the champ.

Despite winning the match, Solis said the real winner was 6-year-old Seth Justice. Seth is battling leukemia.

Trout told ABC-7 Seth is a stronger fighter than he is.

"To be so young and to have to go through something like that, it takes an amount of courage that I can't even fathom. To take a little time out of my day to beat up Ms. Solis is nothing compared to what he's going through and he's really inspiring. He's fighting for his life while I fight for entertainment," Trout said.

Trout said meeting Seth was inspiring.

"This is doing more good than any fight I've ever been in or will be in. If I could continue to use the platform I have to make some kind of difference in this type of a way, then I think that's what I'm here for," Trout said.

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