Anti-ballpark petition certified

City council will have to vote on City Hall demolition again

A group of anti-ballpark activists has taken a step forward in having its opposition to city plans to demolish City Hall heard again by City Council.

The petition was submitted to the city clerk on Aug. 9 by Salvador Gomez and calls for the repeal of City Council's June decision to tear down City Hall to make way for a ballpark.

Nearly 1,600 certified El Paso voters signed the petition, which will be introduced in the next city council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

City council will vote on whether or not to adopt the ordinance, calling for the repeal of its demolition plans, on Sept. 18.

City officials say its unlikely the proposed ordinance will be adopted by city council.

If the ordinance is denied, a second petition may be submitted for certification. If that petition is certified, a the item will be added to the ballot of the next general election, in May.

City officials have announced that by May of 2013, the demolition of City Hall and construction of the new stadium would have already been well underway.

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