Anthony flasher now a registered sex offender

What's next for day care next to Anthony sex offender?

ANTHONY, Texas - Police say he's a public nuisance who indecently exposes himself to women who pass by his home. ABC 7 learned an elderly Anthony, Texas, man has finally registered as a sex offender after an ABC 7 report asked why he hadn't already been required to comply with the law. But what what will happen to a day care being planned right next door?

     Last week, the city of Anthony approved a special use permit for the next-door residence to 81-year-old Jose Carbajal to begin turning into a licensed day care facility. The question remains of if it can move forward now that a registered sex offender lives next door.

     Anthony doesn't have any ordinances restricting where sex offenders can live. Carbajal's house is already  across the street from a church. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the Child Care Licensing rules would not prohibit the day care from opening where it is.

     Texas sex offender registration mostly deals with how the public can be notified, and latitude is left to local law enforcement to set specific rules.

     Anthony's Chief of Police Carlos Enriquez says while sex offenders have lived in the city before, this is the first time they've had an issue like this and the city is working on ordinances to deal with this for the future.

     "Legal is reviewing it," Enriquez said, "And is in the process of hopefully generating and creating one and presenting it to city council for for the future, in the event, and we hope that it doesn't occur again, in the event that this individual recommits, or another individual does that."

     ABC 7 also spoke with the woman working to open the day care next door to Carbajal. She said that she is still in the process of submitting the paperwork to local and state agencies to be licensed as a day care facility.

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