Americas High School Student Hopes For Immigration Reform

EL PASO, Texas - As President Barack Obama talks about immigration reform on Tuesday, many in the Sun City are expected to watch closely.

One of those viewers will be Americas High School senior Edwin Felix. He moved to El Paso with his family four years ago and didn't know any English.

Last weekend, Felix was part of the Americas High School mock trial team that placed fifth in the national competition.

"I came here because of the struggle my family was going through in Mexico," Felix said.

On Monday, surround by his mother, father and sister, Felix and his Americas High School teammates were recognized for last weekend's accomplishments.

"It was a lot of fun. I think it's a lot more than the awards. This team has really become a family," said team captain Zach Fields.

That family could have been one Felix might not have ever known.

"My mother was 9 months pregnant and the day I was going to be born, my parents rushed across the border and I was able to be born here," said Felix.

His is a story often heard along the U.S./Mexico border. Felix's family returned to Mexico after he was born, but came back to the United States when he was 14 years old.

"It was a difficult process. Aside from the fact that I had just moved here, I had to adapt to my surroundings. I had to adapt to a new city. I had to adapt to the language. But in the end, I think I adapted," said Felix.

The soon-to-be graduate worked hard. Next year he'll be attending Cornell University.

District Attorney Jaime Esparza coached the Americas mock trial team. He said Felix is a positive example for immigration reform.

"Like everyone, with an opportunity, you can do amazing things," Esparza said.

Felix is looking forward to the president's speech and hopes for new legislation that will facilitate the American dream for others.

"You can't judge people who want to move to the United States to better their families," said Felix.

Felix explained his mother has her residency card and his father just became a U.S. citizen a couple of months ago.

Felix said he hopes to one day become a prosecutor.

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