Allergy sufferers in for a rough time this Spring in El Paso area

EL PASO, Texas - A local physician who specializes in allergies said allergy sufferers may have a harder Spring this year than the last couple seasons.

"Our pollen counts are still lower than they were five or 10 years ago, however in the last couple years they've gone up. So let's say someone who may have had a quiet season a couple years ago and a modest problem a year ago - will start having more problems this year." said Dr. Lyndon Mansfield, an Allergist and Immunologist.

He said pollen counts are directly related with drought conditions. El Paso is still in a drought but did receive more rain this year, which increased pollen counts. " The last couple weeks we started getting pollen counts that were what we call at a very high level." said Dr. Mansfield.

For allergy sufferers, that means dealing with symptoms. "You're not necessarily bed-ridden but you have the same symptoms as when you have a cold or a fever sometimes.  I can't even imagine how I'd be without the shot or the meds that I take. Probably wouldn't be able to leave my apartment on some days," said Eddie Cepeda, an El Pasoan who suffers from allergies and sometimes even gets body aches - even though he gets a steroid shot once a year to prevent allergies.

There are some things people could do for relief or to prevent allergies. experts recommend allergy sufferers rinse their hair and nose at night to wash out the pollen that's accumulated that day. Also,  wash sheets more often and avoid down comforters, close your windows and wash pet's paws if they're coming inside.

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