Alleged drunk driver nearly crashes into house

EL PASO, Texas - An alleged drunk driver nearly crashed into a west El Paso home before he reportedly tried to run away Tuesday morning.

The incident happened around 2:45 a.m. on the 3900 block of Stanton, which is near Mission Hills Park. When our Round the Clock crew arrived, we found tire marks ending just a few feet away from the front door of a house. EMS crews were helping the driver out of a Chevy pickup which was down the road with three blown out tires.

Police say the man was driving north when he lost control and drove straight into the front yard. Neighbors tell us that the man tried to drive away, and one neighbor even jumped in his car to follow the man while police were called to the scene.

The driver was taken to the hospital. Neighbors in the area say these sorts of incidents are common on Stanton street, and they are afraid to park their vehicles by along the curb at night.

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