Alleged child abuser arrested near Andress High

22-year-old Arturo Ornelas connected to convicted killer Yara Perez

Ornelas Arrested

EL PASO, Texas - Arturo Ornelas, 22,was arrested Thursday morning near Andress High by El Paso Independent School District police.

Police said a citizen recognized Ornelas after watching a Crime Stoppers report on television the night before. The citizen told EPISD traffic police nearby. They confirmed his identity and arrested him at a residence in northeast El Paso. 

EPISD police eventually turned him over to the El Paso Police Department's Crimes Against Children unit. He is now in county jail. 

According to El Paso County Sheriff's deputies, Ornelas burned a two-year-old with an iron.

County records show this man is married to convicted killer Yara Perez. Records show Ornelas married 31-year-old Perez in December of 2011, while Perez was out on bond on capital murder charges. Perez was sentenced last October to life in prison without parole for the murder of her three-year-old daughter back in 2007.

ABC-7 confirmed with neighbors the two had a daughter together. It appears Perez, who's currently serving a life sentence for the murder of her three-year-old, now has another child who may be a victim of abuse.

Her boyfriend at the time, Fransisco Castaneda, is also serving a life sentence for the murder. ABC-7 archives show Perez was pregnant in 2010 while she waited to go to trial. ABC-7 confirmed with neighbors Ornelas and Perez had a daughter together.

ABC-7 called officials with police and the sheriff for confirmation. None of the officers knew about the connection between Ornelas and Perez.

It's not clear where the abused toddler is. We called Child Protective Services to find out but the spokesman would not comment on the case.

When her trial first began Perez had a 5-year-old daughter. At this point, it's unclear where the now 11-year-old girl is.

Crime stoppers is asking anyone with information on Arturo Ornelas whereabouts to call 566-tips. 

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