EL PASO, Texas -

When a child is born most parents get to hold their baby -- feel their little hands and maybe even snap a picture for memories but that wasn't the case for one Air Force father who was oversees.

"I'm so excited! I've waited a long time for this," said Whitney Visser.

Visser and her family are at the airport patiently waiting for somebody special in their lives.

Her husband Benjamin Visser, an Air Force pilot has been deployed in the Middle East and is arriving Wednesday evening.

"He's been gone about six months. I can't wait for him to see the kids," said Whitney Visser.

Their oldest son Blythe waits decked out in an airman jumpsuit holding the welcome home sign while 2-year-old Byrdie had flag duty - she's the curious one.

But it's the slightly cranky 4-month-old Owen who has waited her whole life to see her father.

As Benjamin arrives he grabs his little girl, kisses his little boy, plants a big one on his wife and then holds his baby girl Owen for the first time.

"I feel wonderful, it's the best feeling in the world," said Whitney Visser.

For Benjamin the excitement is slightly overpowered by newborn baby nervousness.

"She's so little it's hard. I'm worried that I'm going to drop her or do something silly like let her head fall back but nah she's a big smiler," said Benjamin Visser.

Benjamin says when he was deployed Byrdie had just started walking.

"She's just running around and speaking almost sentences at times," Benjamin Visser said.

The Air Force pilot tells ABC-7 he's ready to formally introduce himself to the newest member of his family.

"I just want to go home and relax with the family and spend some quality time with the kids. Get some good American food too. It's been a while," Benjamin Visser said.

The family tells ABC-7 they won't be in El Paso too long. In three weeks they are packing their bags and moving to the Netherlands on a Air Force assignment.