ABC-7 Update: Imaging El Paso keeps doors open, continues serving patients

Imaging El Paso stays open

EL PASO, Texas - A small medical diagnostic business set to close its doors last week is still open and serving patients.

Owner Martha Vera said she brought digital mammography to El Paso a decade ago because cancer affected so many people in her own family. She was preparing to go out of business after serving more than 27,000 patients, until the business was able to refinance its debt.

If you were to walk into Imaging El Paso, you'd have no idea the business was near closure.

"There was a series of events that happened that actually allowed us to stay open. One of them is United Bank, who have worked with us during some very difficult times, is working with us again," Vera said.

Vera filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection last May. She said steadily decreasing federal reimbursements for Medicaid and Medicare didn't allow her to pay overhead costs and nine total employees. Last Thursday, after reorganizing, the bankruptcy case was dismissed. 

"Our doors are open to our patients once again so we can provide the same service that we were providing for everyone and I'm just so grateful," Vera said.

Patients heard the news quickly, and were at the business that performs mammograms, ultrasounds and other medical diagnostic screenings just four days after Imaging El Paso was set to close.

Laughter now fills the office, instead of tears, and the team said they owe it all to keeping the faith, and never giving up.

"I want to thank, again, United bank. Thank El Paso, our community, our doctors and our faithful patients," Vera said. She added that Sierra Providence Health Network actually reached out to express interest in helping her employees, if they were to lose their jobs. Fortunately, it never got to that point.

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