ABC-7 I-Team uncovers child abuse affidavit; toddler experienced severe injuries

A doctor at Providence Children's Hospital told police the injuries on a baby girl were not consistent with what Walters said.

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EL PASO, Texas - Police charged Jason Walters, 27, with injury to child and according to the complaint affidavit the ABC-7 I-Team found, the girl's injuries show a lot more than just a couple of bruises.

A doctor at Providence Children's Hospital told police the injuries on a baby girl were not consistent with what Walters said. According to the cases' complaint affidavit, Walters said the baby fell off the bed.

But soon after arriving at Providence, the 23-month-old baby girl had to be taken to University Medical Center's emergency room. There doctors found she had a fractured skull, collapsed lung, blood in her urine, two swollen and bruised eyes, bruising to the upper portion of her head, three human bite marks on her cheek, arm and shoulder, and a torn, bleeding, dilated rectum.

The doctor told police he "definitely suspected child abuse."

But that's not what Walters said. According the affidavit, Walters was watching his wife's three kids, two boys, 4-and-9-years-old, the brother of the baby girl. Her mother was at work and said the baby was fine, although she said the baby had a small cut below her eye caused by the family dog jumping on her.

In the document, the mother said Walters sent her a text about four hours later saying the baby had fallen off the bed but was OK.

Walters then sent another text, saying he had been up all night because the baby had bad dreams and was screaming and crying all night.

The document said the mom showed up and started questioning Walters. He said again, she had fallen off the bed.

The 9-year-old told police, he saw Walters taking the crying baby into his bedroom.

"Unfortunately the problem exists in our city and we see far too many children who are victims," said Executive Director Al Valarde of El Paso's Child Crisis Center.

Valarde said out of 25 kids currently housed at the center, 15 are toddler or infants who suffered abuse. In fact, that group has the highest rate of abuse out of any other.

He said regardless if drugs or alcohol are involved, abuse comes from stress. The adult explodes and takes it out on the child. Especially if the adult is not the biological parent.

"When somebody comes into the relationship who doesn't have that emotional bond, it can be very difficult for that person to refrain from aggressive behaviors," Valarde said.

Police have charged Walters, but he hasn't been convicted. What is guaranteed though is this baby's severe injuries, injuries that cause leave scars on the psyche.

"Babies form their personalities within the first three years of their lives. And within that period, they learn how to develop bonds, how to trust their caregivers, how to trust people, and so when they're victimized at such a young age, it affects their ability to trust, it affects their ability to bond with people," Valarde said.

El Paso Police said the girl is still alive, although we don't know her condition. They could not confirm if the girl's brothers are still in the home with the mother, but say she is not currently facing charges.

If you need to report abuse, you are asked to call (915) 562-HOPE.


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