ABC-7 coverage of proposed El Paso trolley project

EL PASO, Texas - he Deputy City Manager in charge of the El Paso trolley project said the city was assured the state would pay $90 million for the streetcar through "informal communication." City Council, last summer, voted to commit $5 million for the design, environmental clearance and preliminary engineering of the proposed streetcar line that was supposed to run from the International bridges Downtown to the UTEP area. City Council was told that if it committed the $5 million, the state would allocate $90 million for the construction of the project.

The city stuck to its part of the deal ; so far it has spent $4.4 million preparing the project to be "shovel ready" as soon as the state funds come in but the state money has not been identified or granted. The $4.4 million in city money came from previously approved Certificates of Obligation, or debt, that was allocated by the Council in 2011 for transportation projects.

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