A preview of what New Mexicans will vote on

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - (Nov. 2012 story)

Historically, New Mexico has played a large role in presidential elections as a swing state.

This year, things have changed.

For the state, the hottest races are at the state and local level since political analysts feel the state is "blue" this presidential election.

"It's been obvious the president has been the frontrunner and will probably be the winner tomorrow night in New Mexico," said New Mexico political blogger Joe Monahan.

Monahan said polls show the state is already decided on re-electing President Barack Obama.

Despite that, pro-Mitt Romney political ads have been running in the state this past week.

Monahan told ABC-7 it shows just how much money political action committees, also known as Super PACS, have.

"This advertising so late in the game is an indication that we have a lot of money out there with nowhere to go that they're even putting it in areas like New Mexico where their chances are very slim at influencing the vote at this point," Monahan said.

In Doña Ana County, a lot of attention is on the race for district attorney, especially after a heated debate inside the ABC-7 studios.

Democrat Mark D'Antonio is challenging current District Attorney Amy Orlando, a Republican.

As far as the race for U.S. senator goes, Monahan said Democrat Martin Heinrich has the lead.

Republican Governor Susana Martinez is hoping to change that.

She's been campaigning with Republican challenger Heather Wilson over the past few days.

"That will probably help Wilson draw some crowds. Will the governor be able to change the face of the legislature as she's trying to do? That will be a big question to be answered," Monahan said.

(Nov. 2012 story)

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