A look at what the City would pay Joyce Wilson if she leaves for Florida job

EL PASO, Texas - If City Manager Joyce Wilson is offered and accepts the County Manager job in Lee County, Florida - the City of El Paso could pay her nearly $46,000 in vacation days she has accrued in about 10 years, or she could take 40 days off with pay.

Wilson's contract is slated to end in September 2014. She was hired in the fall of 2004.  El Paso Mayor John Cook said the council can vote to end the contract early, if she requests it. The city would not have to pay her a salary severance if they voted to end the contract early.

Cook said Wilson hasn't taken a whole lot of time her accrued time off and has quite a bit of it. 

"I know she's accrued approximately 1000 hours of sick time and vacation and leave time that she's never used. So there's going to be some negotiation," Cook said.

A fact check shows that's not the case. There are two categories of paid time off city employees accrue: vacation and sick time.

Wilson has 951 hours of sick time. According to a City Human Resources official, the city will not pay her for that if she leaves her job.

Wilson can only use those hours to add to her retirement if she were to choose to retire.

Then there's vacation time.

Wilson has accrued the city max of 400 hours of vacation time, that's about 40 work days.

If Wilson were to take the job in Lee, County Florida, she has two options for her vacation time: ask the city to pay her for it, which would be $45,952 or get 40 paid days off.

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