A 6-year-old performs an act of kindness

A 6-year-old and and act of kindness

EL PASO, Texas - At what age does a child learn to perform an amazing act of kindness?

At first glance you might think long-haired Bobby Padilla is a young girl getting ready for a haircut.

But the child getting fixed up in ponytails is a 6-year-old boy who wanted to start letting his hair grow long, since he was f5.

But Bobby wasn't doing it to be a rebel.

"A year ago he saw Robin Roberts on TV with no hair, from her bone marrow transplant, and he asked why she didn't have hair. I explained to him that people can donate their hair," said Ashley Padilla, Bobby's mother.

She said Bobby wanted to grow his hair and donate it to make wigs for kids with cancer.

Ashley almost found it hard to believe.

"Honestly I didn't think he was going to go through with it. At times he would say 'lets go cut it'",, said Padilla.

But he didn't, he stuck it through and it didn't come easy.

"For a year he struggled with it, he wasn't trying to be gender non-complaint," said Padilla, as she chuckled.

Bobby was a little shy in front of the cameras. But he did tell us his friends teased him about the long hair.

"They said I looked like a girl and cut it," said Bobby, "I did it in a ponytail all year since I was in kinder," he said.

Bobby has also seen a family member affected by cancer.

"His grandmother just had cancer a year ago," said Padilla.

And Bobby told ABC-7 that even though he's proud to be helping kids with cancer feel better about themselves with hair donated by people like him, he also feels like a super hero.

"It feels great and I can run faster now," said Bobby.


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