The issue now is if El Paso County should go by the gender on her driver's license or the gender on her birth certificate when processing her marriage application.

"I wish there were four choices when it came to gender - male, female, both and neither," Hill said. "And I would check both."

County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal last week requested an opinion from the Texas attorney general on Hill's case.

Hill is not only battling for her love, but also for others who would benefit from a ruling in her favor.

"If war must start, let it start here, let it start now," Hill said. "I don't care what it costs me personally. I don't care what it costs me financially. This has got to stop now. It's not just me. There's sisters behind me that don't have the gumption that I've got and I have to fight for them, too."

The Texas attorney general has no deadline to answer the county attorney's request, but ABC-7 has been told it usually takes four to six months.

Hill said she and Tee plan on traveling to Bexar County to get married.

"She's just my best friend," Hill said.