Villegas Evidentiary Hearing Scheduled For Today

POSTED: 01:18 AM MDT Sep 06, 2011    UPDATED: 01:38 AM MDT Sep 06, 2011 
EL PASO, Texas -

Daniel Villegas claims he confessed to murdering two teens 17 years ago in order to get out of an aggressive police interrogation. An evidentiary hearing scheduled for today will determine whether Villegas deserves a retrial.

Villegas supporters say his own confession proves his innocence, and today he'll be back in court working to appeal his conviction.

During the interrogation, Villegas claimed his two victims were with him the night of the killings, but they were later confirmed to be somewhere else

Villegas also said he shot the two boys with a shotgun, but ballistic evidence shows the two teens were actually shot with a handgun.

Locked up as a teenager himself, Villegas has spent most of his adult life in prison. Now he says he hopes to one day be reunited with his daughter.

"To have her think her dad's a lowlife, he's a low-life, a killer, that's what hurts the most," Villegas explained. "That there kills me, not being able to hold her."

This hearing may end up being Villegas' last chance to become a free man.