EL PASO, Texas -

El Paso Fire Department:

At around 3:51 p.m. today, fire crews were dispatched to a water retention site off of I-10 and Resler Drive near Doniphan and Frontera Road after reports were made to 9-1-1 that two children were stuck inside a water reserve pipe. Upon arrival, fire crews were able to make visual and audible contact with a 13-year-old male and a 14-year-old male who were stuck inside a 50-foot-deep water reserve pipe and were not able to get out. There was no water present in the pipe and the two males did not sustain any injuries. El Paso Fire Department's Special Rescue Team safely rescued the two males in less than one hour. A total of eight fire units and 22 firefighters responded to the scene. Seventeen of the 22 firefighters were rescuers. Four brothers set out in an attempt to rappel down the water reserve pipe using make shift rappelling tools. Once the two males reached the bottom of the reserve pipe they quickly realized that they would not be able to get out and asked their two brothers at the top of the water reserve area to go and get help.  The two males rescued did not need any medical attention.