Triple-A Baseball Team Reportedly Considering Move To El Paso

POSTED: 05:02 PM MDT Jul 11, 2012    UPDATED: 10:54 AM MDT May 13, 2010 
EL PASO, Texas -

Portland's loss could end up El Paso's gain. is reporting that the Portland Beavers, a Triple-A team, are considering moving their team to the Sun City.

Jim Paul, who owned the El Paso Diablos from 1975-1999, is skeptical the move will happen.

"This is a very speculative story by a couple of computer nerds as far as I'm concerned," Paul said.

The stadium the Beavers play in is being converted to a Major League Soccer facility and is reporting the Beavers owner wants to sell the team. According to the report, there are three sale possibilities, including El Paso.

But one catch is the potential owners that would move the team to El Paso want a new stadium, according to the report.

And if a team were to come to El Paso, what would happen to the El Paso Diablos?

Diablos owner Mark Schuster said, "We're very happy being in El Paso."

The Managing Partner of the Diablos, Mark Schuster told ABC-7 building a new stadium that's Triple-A compliant would cost around $50 million and he just doesn't see that happening.

Paul says if the rumor turns out to be true, it would mean a great deal for the city.

"Now to lose our Double-A team and come back to the highest level you can go without being in the major leagues, I think people would embrace it," Paul said.

For Schuster, "this is just a rumor going rampant."

Schuster said the Diablos are in the middle of a multi-year least of Cohen Stadium and they're not going anywhere.

"El Paso is probably being used as a stalking horse to get a deal done somewhere for the Portland Beavers to move to that city," Schuster said.