EL PASO, Texas -

More than 20 students watched two Socorro High girls fight on the bathroom floor. And most of them had their cell phone cameras recording every scream. When it was over, they posted the video on social media.

The fight was last week, but went viral over the last few days.

Students said it started when one sophomore girl posted on Facebook about another sophomore's boyfriend. And the next day, it was on.

Girls and boys rushed to the bathroom, popped out their cell phone cameras and took aim.

The Socorro Independent School District is looking into the brawl, but it wasn't too hard to find the perpetrators.

"Immediately when we were made aware, we began an investigation and asked that it be removed from the website," said SISD Director of Public Relations Daniel Escobar. 

The district won't say how the girls are being punished. 

The celebrities with newly found street cred aren't only the fighters with the least amount of bruises, but the student whose video gets the most views and comments wins in this generations virtual fight club.  

Students said the fighters were a little scraped and bruised, but no one left the bathroom severely hurt. These students were most likely suspended, but assaults on campus are expellable offenses.

SISD has a strict policy against cyber-bullying, which can result in an inter-district transfer. But students would have to report the bullying before they post the outcome online.