Schools ban costumes in class, some students unhappy

POSTED: 12:26 AM MDT Nov 01, 2012    UPDATED: 09:18 AM MDT Nov 01, 2012 
EL PASO, Texas -

Wearing costumes is a trademark of Halloween.

Some schools, though, did not allow students to wear costumes into the classroom this year.

"It's annoying. It's Halloween; We should dress up," students at Coronado High School yelled to an ABC-7 crew Wednesday afternoon.

Just a few miles away, cross-town rival Franklin High School students dressed up as everything from a baseball player, to a gingerbread man, to a veteran and a zombie. At their high school, costumes were allowed.

"I'm really all about Halloween," Jordyn McCoy said.

She said she wasn't happy about the costume ban.

"When all your life you can dress up, and then you can't, it's kind of a downer," McCoy addded.

Coronado High School Assistant Principal Richard Gutierrez explained the ban in a statement.

"Coronado High School is not allowing students to wear Halloween costumes for a couple of reasons," the statement said.

"Costumes disrupt the learning environment.  There is also the issue of safety.  Students must be identifiable at all times. Finally, some students wear costumes that are out of compliance with the school dress code policy."

Franklin students said they were required to comply with dress code in order to wear costumes. They were not allowed to wear masks in class, students said.

Most Franklin High students said they disagreed with the ban.

"I mean it's one day," one student said. "Can't they just make one exception?" 

Another student called the rule "stupid." Numerous others admitted they would be mad if the ban had made its' way to Franklin High.

Coronado High School was not the only school to put a stop to costumes.

Other high schools and middle schools mirrored the decision around the Borderland.