EL PASO, Texas -

El Paso Sheriff’s deputies found a dead man in a car near 16700 Montana in Montana Vista.

Mountain climbers noticed a suspicious looking car around 5 Monday evening and called the sheriff’s office to conduct a welfare check. Shortly after deputies found a man inside the vehicle,  a recent model Nissan Sentra with disabled veteran Texas license plates.

A Socorro city spokesman said they believe this man may have murdered his wife and dumped her body in Mexico.  

Socorro Spokesman David Garcia says at around noon Monday, Socorro dispatch received a call from a friend about a 27-year-old resident. This friend warned police that his friend claimed he murdered his wife and dumped her body in Mexico and that now he was going to kill himself.

Garcia said after hours of an exhaustive search at their home on Aaker Street, investigators were able to prove enough to make the story believable. At that home, police units were on the scene collecting bags of evidence and people in tears.

Socorro says county assistance helped Socorro police put out a bulletin that yielded a man's car pulled over on Red Sands in Montana Vista, where sheirff’s officer investigated the scene. They said all indications show the man died from self inflicted injuries.

The sheriff's office said they are the lead investigators on the scene and cannot confirm any of the information sent out by the City of Socorro.