Petty crime increase seen on Fort Bliss

POSTED: 03:49 PM MDT Mar 28, 2013    UPDATED: 03:38 PM MDT Mar 29, 2013 
EL PASO, Texas -

There has been an increase in petty crime on Fort Bliss, according to the post's commanding general, Maj. Gen. Dana H. Pittard.

"Over the past two weeks, we have seen a spike in theft and petty crimes in our soldier barracks, housing areas, and in the Grand Theater parking area," Pittard wrote in his Fort Bliss Monitor column on March 28. "We have increased our police patrolling in those areas and now have undercover officers at Freedom Crossing, our parking lots, the Grand Theater, and barber shops around Fort Bliss."

Pittard wrote that post officials believe that the rise in petty crime is directly related to warmer weather and spring break.

"Kids are out of school and the weather allows them to hang out late at night in public places," Pittard wrote. "As we transition to spring and summer, do not leave valuables in your car within site. If you buy something, put it under the seat. If a thief sees an iPad in your car, they are likely to try to break in and steal. If they see nothing, they are more likely to not bother. By the way, nearly 70% of the cars that have been burglarized in the Freedom Crossing parking area were either left unlocked or left with windows down by the car owners."

Pittard also gave a warning for those who committing the crimes that might be reading his column.

"If you are looking to cause trouble on Fort Bliss, our undercover agents and surveillance cameras are watching you and you are likely to get caught," Pittard wrote.