"My hands are tied, I have to follow what the law say. I'm not ordering you to talk or to mediate, but I would encourage to keep up that dialogue," said Judge Mott.

An attorney for the City of El Paso was present Tuesday.

He assured the judge the city is "ready, willing and able to close the deal with Patriot Place" even if the judge's ruling comes down in 2013.

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Friday afternoon, bankruptcy court Judge Chris Mott adjourned for the day.

The judge was expected to make a decision on the bankruptcy hearing for the Three Legged Monkey.

Owner, Mike Armstrong filed for bankruptcy in June to protect his business after the leaseholder, Patriot Place Ltd. agreed to sell Hawkins Plaza to the City of El Paso.

The Three Legged Monkey is located at the strip mall.

Under the agreement, the city would pay Patriot Place $2.8 million for the property.

Patriot Place would also have to cut its lease with the bar, forcing it out of Hawkins Plaza.

The city has tried to revoke the bar's lease after complaints from neighbors.

If the judge sides with Patriot Place, the purchase to go through.

Armstrong said he will continue to fight to keep his bar open at the strip mall. 

On Thursday, while Armstrong took the stand, it was revealed that he is already looking for a potential location.

When asked why, Armstrong said he owes it to his employees to have a back up plan so they can keep their jobs.

That potential location is near the intersection of Montana and Yarbrough, located about two miles away from his current location.

Armstrong said it would cost him about $650,000 to relocate and reopen a new establishment.

Lawyers for Patriot Place called an expert witness to the stand who said otherwise. Peter Sellers, a real estate appraiser said it would cost $80,000 to $100,000 to relocate.

"If it's restaurant-ready your cost should not be that much," said Sellers. 

Sellers admitted he hadn't considered many costs including Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission permits, administration, advertising and marketing costs.

He was also hired to evaluate the lease hold interest of the Three Legged Monkey.