EL PASO, TExas -

UPDATE 12/11/12: The owner of the east El Paso bar, Three Legged Monkey, can expect to return to court in 2013.

Closing arguments for the bankruptcy hearing wrapped up Tuesday, but Judge Christopher Mott did not decide if the bar will have to vacate Hawkins Plaza in east El Paso.

This comes after the leaseholder of Hawkins Plaza, Patriot Place, made an agreement with the City of El Paso to sell the property for $2.9 million dollars.

A lawyer for Patriot Place, Carlos Miranda, told the courtroom that the entire case has taken a different turn after bar owner Mike Armstrong made an admission last week.

On the stand, Armstrong said he has already invested $30,000 in a new potential location for his bar.

Miranda argued that said that because Armstrong kept that from the court until last week, hundreds of hours have been wasted.

"In August of 2012, there was still a lot of potential where Patriot Place could have helped Three Legged Monkey move. There could've been a smooth resolution. Instead, Mr. Armstrong, in August, told his lawyer he wanted him to chop off our heads," said Miranda.

Armstrong's lawyer maintained that there is no basis for Patriot Place to end the lease with the Three Legged Monkey.

He cited the bar's good standing and efforts to comply with city and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission codes.

Judge Mott had a number questions for the lawyers.

Both sides said litigation could have been avoided but no settlement was reached, even after the judge gave them extra time.

"That's just one thing that drives me nuts. I've given the parties time to settle, and frankly I wish they would've because their solution would be better than mine. For sure no one is going to like it," said Judge Mott.

He encouraged both sides to continue talks.