An older man shows up who came ready to accept cash for air conditioning work state investigators said he's not licensed to do.

When the older man was asked by ABC-7 if he was licensed to perform air conditioning work he responded that he is not licensed do refrigeration work.

“I don't know,” the older man responded when asked why he would accept money to do work he is not licensed to do. “We've done it for large companies.”

Both will receive a letter in the mail soon.

Investigators said that it is proper licensing that lets the state keep an eye on contractors to ensure they follow rules meant to keep you safe.

Investigators said the suspects may face $500 fines. The District Attorney may prosecute repeat offenders.

A licensed electrical and air conditioning contractor must have a license number printed on their vehicles, business cards and even invoices.

Contractor licenses can be looked up at the Texas Department of Regulation and Licensing website. There, you can file a complaint about a contractor, and the Department's Enforcement Division will investigate.