In one of them, a local company sued Lilly for a property sale that went astray, and, according to a summary judgment, Lilly was ordered to pay about $117,000, plus nearly $20,000 in attorney fees. Lilly denied such a judgment when ABC-7 presented the court document to her and said she only was ordered to pay $18,000 in attorney fees for the plaintiffs.

In the case of the e-mails, The Texas Ethics Commission and the El Paso Police Department will have to decide whether Lilly violated the law. Voters will decide who their next representative will be this weekend.

Other candidates running for City Council District 1 are Manuel "Manny" Hinojosa, Timothy "Tim" Besco, Abraham "Abe" Peinado, Richard Jay Schecter, and Theresa Ann Ware-Asbury.