In a corner of All That Music in El Paso, rock n roll's history is preserved in a glass case.

Amid the Beatles trading cards, trays, album artwork, and figurines sits a brown Hofner bass guitar. George Reynoso, owner of the the store and the Beatles items, can't help but smile when holding the iconic instrument.

"It's left-handed, just like the one Paul (McCartney) used," Reynoso said. "If you look at the serial number, it would put it in the 1962 time frame - the same time when Paul got his Hofner."

Reynoso has never tried to play it but he clearly enjoys holding it and the memories it brings of McCartney, whom he saw in concert in Irving, Texas in 1990 and Las Cruces in 1993.

McCartney is rumored to be playing New Mexico State University's Aggie Memorial Stadium Memorial Day weekend.

Scott Breckner, New Mexico State University's special events director, said the university is in talks to bring a major concert to the university but could not elaborate at this time because the deal has not been completed.

He would neither confirm nor deny that the artist in question is McCartney. He did say the negotiations are in the 11th or even 12th hour and that an announcement could be made as soon as today or in the next few days.

Las Crucens were thrilled about the idea.

"In my mind nothing bigger can happen than a Beatle coming to town," said 101 Gold DJ Mike McKay. "Clearly a show like that would have a huge impact. I mean, he's a Beatle for crying out loud. It's just the coolest thing so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it really happens."

McKay said the phones at the radio station were ringing off the hook after people heard the rumors.

"People will come from everywhere for the show. Obviously he'll be at other places too, but this will be the closest location for a lot of people. That's definitely worth the drive. Paul McCartney on stage, that's definitely worth the drive," McKay said.

"I think it's great that Paul McCartney is coming to town. He's responsible for some of the best music for the 60's," Las Crucen Kai McKinney said.

McCartney last played in the area in April 1993 when he performed in Las Cruces at Aggie Memorial Stadium, the same place he might play again.

Back then, tickets only cost $31.50. In Nov. 2012, tickets to see McCartney perform in the U.S. cost between $40 and $250.

The stadium has hosted concerts by Guns N Roses, Beach Boys, Fall Out Boy, The Eagles, and Eddie Money.

McCartney has announced a handful of dates for his 2013 Out There Tour so far.

The El Paso Times is reporting that McCartney would likely perform on May 26. If he does, that would be the day after the Neon Desert Music Festival in Downtown El Paso and also the same weekend as the KLAQ Balloonfest.

Zach Paul, with Splendid Sun Productions which puts on Neon Desert, said he doesn't think a McCartney concert would affect the festival.

"I don't think the McCartney concert would take away fans from NDMF because it is a completely different demographic," Paul said.

Asked about how ticket sales are going for Neon Desert this year, Paul said "ticket sales for Neon Desert have been great. This is the best they have been up to this point in the three years of the tests existence."

Reynoso said he's seen Beatles fans of all ages walk into his store looking for their music.

"What (John) Lennon/McCartney did was timeless," Reynoso said.