EL PASO, Texas -

Republican state Rep. Dee Margo is in the middle of a tight race with opponent, Democrat Joe Moody, to keep his seat. But Margo found himself in the hot seat this week after allegations he had a run-in with the law.

ABC-7 received a copy of correspondence between the city and an anonymous requester asking for all police records of that incident.

"(The incident) was 7:30 at night in the parking lot of a police substation, this was not outside some nightclub at 3 a.m.," said Margo. "I don't think you can make much more out of it than what really transpired."

On the night of Sept. 7th Margo was driving home  when the state representative said he got cut off.

He found out the driver was an off-duty policeman driving an unmarked car. He said after the wreck, he and the policeman got out, spoke, and looked over the cars.

"(There was) no damage, no nothing," said Margo. "So, that was the last I heard about it."

ABC-7 obtained documents that appear to be open-records requests seeking information about an incident involving Margo last month.

"I'm really not quite sure, but frankly, I think (the documents) are referring to a minor fender bender," said Margo.

No stranger to insurance claims, Margo spent around 30 years working for the John D. Williams Insurance Agency before winning the District 78 the state representative seat in 2010.

"They didn't ask me for a drivers license or insurance information, and I am in the insurance business, or was, so, I know what's normal in a vehicular accident," said Margo.

While Margo is calling it an average fender bender, the anonymous requester is looking into the collision.

"I hope it's not politically induced," said Margo. "But you're darn sure we'll request for all the information that's there be open."

In September, a police spokesman told ABC-7 there was no record of an incident involving the state representative.