EL PASO, Texas -

Eduardo Robles told the court God is real, and he's been forgiven. But the 27-year-old's crimes aren't forgotten.

The family of 19-year-old Fernando Corral shared their pain with the man they believe is to blame for killing their son.

"They still have the memory of their son and brother in their lives," said MADD victims service Manager Vanessa Luna-Marquez.

In January 2009, Robles and Corral sped down the I-10, going as fast as 100 mph. But soon, the drivers lost control, and Corral's car burst into flames. He died on the scene.

Reports say Robles had been drinking at the time of the crash, but a jury didn't count it against him, or his previous two DWI's. They sentenced him to 10-years-probation.

"It's been hard for them -- the trial proceedings have been difficult. But also these new charges have been difficult as well," said Luna-Marquez.

Just three years later, Robles was pulled over on suspicion of DWI, his third offense. He attempted to flee from police into Mexico, trying to escape border patrol in the process --- a federal offense.

At his plea agreement, judgement was swift. His probation -- it's been revoked and in addition to a 51 month federal sentence, he'll have to concurrently serve 7 and a half years in state prison.

"I think they are pleased with the sentence because they know he's no longer going to be in the community and driving while intoxicated and potentially harming other individuals," Luna- Marquez said.