Vargas answered no, but maintained that he deserves probation because he didn't kill the two women.

"I didn't take their lives, it was an accident," said Vargas.

It was that statement that District Attorney Dolores Reyes mentioned in her closing arguments.

Reyes said Vargas has not showed any humanity to the victims, including Nefi Armendariz, who survived the horrific wreck.

Armendariz testified Wednesday and said Vargas deserves the probation.

"Nefi has showed more humanity to him (Vargas) than Vargas did to Nefi the night of the wreck," said Reyes.

Vargas also told the courtroom Araujo and Reyes had a choice that December night to get into the car with him, even after he had been drinking.

Vargas admitted the wreck was preventable.

"Everyone makes bad decisions," said Vargas.

The prosecutor ended by telling jurors they are the voice of the community, that tells it the worth of two young lives lost.

"It is a tough job, I'm sorry, but you can do it. You can do the right thing," said District Attorney Reyes.

The jury started deliberating about 2:15 Friday afternoon.

Vargas could face up to 60 years in prison.