Incident or Offense- Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer Time Reported- 9-18-10 / 1730 Time Occurred- 9-18-10 / 1730 Location - Memorial Triangle Description - An officer was out on a disturbance call when his had his prescription glasses knocked off and he was also subsequently struck in the head by a beer can. He refused medical treatment. Case Number - 10-0487 / 10-0479 Case Status - Open

Incident or Offense- Minors in Possession of Alcohol / Consumption of Alcohol by Minors Time Reported- 9-18-10 / 1700 Time Occurred- 9-18-10 / Between 1200 and 1700 Location - Campus wide Description - An EPPD / UTEP PD joint operation on inner campus resulted in 21 underage individuals (ten students and eleven non-UTEP affiliated individuals) found in possession of or consuming alcoholic beverages. Case Number - 10-0470 Case Status - Arrests

Incident or Offense- Possession of Alcohol by Minor Time Reported- 9-18-10 / 1620 Time Occurred- 9-18-10 / 1620 Location- Hawthorne @ University Description- An officer checked two individuals who had open containers of beer and they appeared under age. One student was found to be under 21. Case Number- 10- 0471 Case Status- Arrest

Incident or Offense- Non-Criminal Dispute Time Reported- 9-18-10 / 1208 Time Occurred- 9-18-10 / 1145 Location - 400 block of Circle Drive Description - A non-UTEP affiliated individual reported that she was saving a parking space by standing in said space. A vehicle approached and she and the driver exchanged words. She had to get out of the way so as to avoid being struck. The driver of vehicle was gone on arrival of an officer; the individual was also advised about the saving of parking spaces which is prohibited. Case Number 10-0469 Case Status Closed