EL PASO, Texas -

Dinner and a movie on a Friday or Saturday night are part of the social fabric of America.

On Friday, though, filmgoers had varying reactions to the deadly movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo. Some were more cautious, with the massacre still lingering in their thoughts.

Others put the news behind them and were ready to enjoy a movie.

One woman said she and her friend went to the movies after learning of the shooting. "We were actually talking about it on our way here but it's El Paso. It's the safest city, kind of."

Moviegoer Joseph Alvarez had a different opinion.

"Traditionally, I wouldn't be worried about that but in this time and age, when we've gone so far away from our traditional values, people are not thinking rationally and you have people doing things that 50 years ago would never have been thought of," Alvarez said.

The shooting happened in a Cinemark theater which owns Tinseltown and Cinemark West in El Paso. The company has said they're working closely with police. No one locally from Cinemark agreed to talk to ABC-7.

Viewers did report there were additional managers and security at local Cinemark theaters.

El Paso Police said they're not assigning additional security for movie theaters. Theaters often hire off duty officers for security.