ABC-7: Once the temperature rises, do you expect the electricity to be restored or are you expecting problems with equipment?

Quintana: Our transmission system has held up. We have not had transformer problems or transmission problems. We don't anticipate any problems.

ABC-7: With this poor buying on open market, what should our viewers be prepared for on their next electric bill? Is this something that's going to boost it 5-20-100 percent?

Quintana: We're not sure. We buy power all the time. When it's cheaper to buy power than to run a plant, we buy power.

ABC-7: But it's at a premium right now, right?

Quintana: The problem we're having is the plants we buy from are having the same problem. The amount of power to buy is very limited right now.

ABC-7: Are there any limits on the cost of the power that you buy or does it fluctuate with the market?

Quintana: It fluctuates.

ABC-7: We are also getting questions about the Super Bowl. Do you expect this problem to be solved by Sunday?

Quintana: Like who's gonna win it or what?

ABC-7: Are they going to get to watch it?

Quintana: Well, we will hope by this evening that we will have enough local generation. The weather will cooperate tomorrow (Saturday). We're working our darndest to try to get some local generation up that will keep. I can't tell you for sure (about whether Super Bowl could be interrupted by rolling blackouts).

Written for the Web by Web Producer Leonard Martinez