The other taxing entities that raised taxes this year are the Fabens ISD, the Town of Clint, town of Anthony and city of Horizon.

One month after its deadline, one has yet to agree on a new budget.  That's the town of Vinton so we don't know what you'll pay.

As for the City of El Paso's three quality of life bonds, up for a vote Tuesday, according to the city's chief financial officer based on each $100,000 of your current property value you will see a $4.70 increase in 2015, $10.30 more than you pay now in 2016 and $15.40 in 2017.

That amount will increase gradually over the years to $62 by 2025 and go as high as $78.70 by 2030, the final year of the bonds.

Each of these numbers are based on what you pay now.