EL PASO, Texas -

The El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees voted late Tuesday to pay more to the company currently investigating the cheating scheme. The Weaver Firm will receive about $200,000 in addition to the nearly $600,000 they're already are being paid.

For a 12-week period, Weaver estimated the total cost for 16 staff members, working 2,956 hours, would be $579,685. 

Engagement Director Adam Jones' will make $95,880, or $235 per hour. Weaver's partners will make $320 per hour and the lowest paid staff member makes $115 per hour. 

The board voted to pay $139,386.25 more in fees, plus $60,000 to cover additional travel and hotel expenses through the end of the month.

Jones was a deputy at the Texas Education Agency when it cleared the district of wrongdoing, leaving some questions as to how effective the firm will be.

The board said they need to finish the investigation process they started, and while it's hard to spend this much taxpayer money, it's worth it.