Driver flees after crashing into neighbor's cars

POSTED: 06:26 AM MST Feb 07, 2013 
EL PASO, Texas -

El Paso police are searching for a man who crashed his SUV in a neighbor's driveway, and then fled the scene of the wreck.

The incident happened just after midnight Thursday at the intersection of Graphite Drive and Mace Street, which is in west El Paso near Doniphan and Thorn. When our Round the Clock crew arrived, we saw a busted up SUV in the middle of the intersection. Two cars that were previously parked on a driveway were also smashed on the home's yard.

Police say no injuries were reported, and they have not found the driver. However, a neighbor we spoke with says he saw what appeared to be a drunken man return to the SUV to pick up something, only to run off. The neighbor went on to complain of frequent wrecks in the area.