EL PASO, Texas -

The retrial of Yara Perez is nearing its end. 

Thursday afternoon, defense and prosecution attorneys rested their cases, but not before calling more witnesses to the stand. 

Perez is facing capital murder and injury to a child charges in the death of her 3 year old daughter, Jacqueline Gonzalez. 

Her boyfriend at the time, Frank Castaneda, was convicted in 2010 for Jacqueline's death, and is currently serving a life sentence in prison. 

Defense attorneys, Joe Spencer and Patrick Lara called Dr. Arthur Ramirez to the stand. Ramirez is a court-appointed psychiatrist who met with Perez several times between June 2008 and May 2012. 

Dr. Ramirez said Perez fit the profile of a person suffering with battered woman syndrome. He said Perez feared for her life and was controlled by Castaneda. 

The defense has been arguing that point since Wednesday with a previous witness. 

The day Jacqueline died, November 19, 2007, Perez went home after work to see her daughter covered with bruises, but claims she was too scared to ask Castaneda about the injuries. 

After seeing her injuries, Perez still left Jacqueline with Castaneda the same day. 

Dr. Ramirez was shown photos of Jacqueline's autopsy. 

Prosecutor Penny Hamilton asked Ramirez, "is that, sir, consistent with battered woman syndrome?" 

"Yes ma'am, it is," said Dr. Ramirez. 

Later Ramirez added, "this woman is not malingering, lying or making up stories to make her situation seem worse. Her emotions were real." 

Hamilton questioned Ramirez's ability to know whether someone is lying or not. 

He maintained that he could tell when someone is lying. 

Prosecution went on to say that the night of Jacqueline's death when authorities were called out to her Lower Valley apartment, Perez denied the existence of her child. 

Ramirez reiterated that too is consistent with battered woman syndrome. 

After a brief recess, Castaneda's former girlfriend took the stand, but the judge would not allow her to testify in front of the jury. 

Diane Potter described the year and a half that she dated Castaneda. 

She said he was he was very aggressive, physically and verbally abusive. 

"I got beat almost everyday," said Potter, even while she was pregnant. 

As Perez heard the testimony, she started to sob, wiping her tears away with a tissue. 

Perez was visibly emotional during Potter's testimony. 

She recounted the times Castaneda slapped, punched and even pushed her against walls when they lived together.  

Defense attorneys asked the judge to reconsider her testimony, but it was denied.