EL PASO, Texas -

The El Paso County Housing Authority is being accused of shredding 82 boxes of financial documents after its Executive Director Michael Terrazas resigned last month.

County Commissioner Vince Perez said he was tipped off by residents about Terrazas. The Authority’s board of directors did not report the change of leadership, now under the watch of former President Beatrice Flores.

Perez asked Flores at a meeting Monday night why she was just now being added to the agency's account when she is suppose to oversee the agency’s finances. Perez points out the Terrazas was signing his own checks without any oversight.

He wants a list of program recipients and anyone who received contracts while ha was in charge. Perez also says the Authority has been without legal council for over a year

Residents said Perez is just trying to please his campaign donors and push an agenda to merge the city's and county's housing programs.

The board of directors, which is appointed by the commissioners court declined to comment.