EL PASO, Texas -

Historic districts such as Sunset and Manhattan Heights, Austin Terrace and Old San Francisco have buildings in them that aren't protected by city code. But the Historic Landmark Commission wants to change that.

They want certain rules to apply to every building in a historic district to maintain the area's integrity. This means developers and home owners will have to follow city protocol for how the buildings look and operate.

Some say this will increase expenses and repel investors. And if people don't want to spend the extra dollars, these neighborhoods will continue to deteriorate. One homeowner though who values the guidelines.

“I think it's just an extra step we have to take living in a historical district, but I think its well worth it,” Billy Barrow of Austin Terrace. “Instead of having inappropriate materials like chain-link fences, its things that would kind of bring down the value.”

On both sides of the issue people looking at El Paso's future, they just don't agree on what it should look like.

Public comment on this proposal will be tomorrow during the city council meeting.