Band releases 7 inch single made of ice

POSTED: 04:59 PM MST Nov 30, 2012    UPDATED: 12:20 PM MDT Mar 19, 2014 

Cool music takes on a new meaning for fans of the Shout Out Louds.

The band has released a limited edition - only 10 - boxes of the 7 inch single "Blue Ice." Those lucky enough to have received the box have instructions on pouring the special bottle of water into the mould in the box and then freezing it for several hours.

The resulting 7 inch can then be played on a record player. Nine of the 10 boxes were given to journalists and friends of the band. The last box is being given away in a contest on the band's website.

You can also download the song for free on the band's website and see the process of how the ice record is made.

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